Exclusive Charter

Invite your best clients, employees and friends to an unforgettable experience on board the Eldorado. The ship is prepared exclusively for you, sails will be set and the entire crew will be at your service.

  Day and evening sails up to 36 passengers
  Cruise incentive up to 10 passengers
  Overnight on board up to 10 passengers


Promote your business by branding “your” ship with flags, banners and sails.

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Great hospitality on board of unique sailing ships


On board the Eldorado meals are generally freshly prepared and served appealingly by attentive staff. In coordination with our customers we offer the appropriate ship´s catering.

  Welcome cocktails
  Open bar, all beverages free
  Maritime welcome snacks
  Flying buffet and finger food
  Classic buffet
  Gala dinners and menus
  Barbecues on deck


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Excellent ships own catering


Maritime major events offer an especially attractive background for your event on board the Eldorado.
Numerous other ships will be on site on the occasion of the major event and there will be lifely ship traffic. Ships parades are carried out and fireworks are lit. Demonstrations on water will be held and many more attractions are offered along the harbourside.

  Hamburg Port Anniversary
  Kiel Week
  Warnemünde Week
  Hanse Sail Rostock
  Sail Bremerhaven
  Hamburg Cruise Days
  And many more


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Promote your company/brand on board


As a passenger on board the Eldorado you can sit on deck with a refreshing cocktail, enjoying the journey, but you can also participate in maritime activities.

  Setting, hanging and taking in sails
  Climbing the mast accompanied
  Taking the helm and looking out
  Navigate or study seaman´s knots


Apart from impressive sailing and a very good catering on board, we offer additional programs and services on board, on water and ashore.

  Trips with powerful motorised dinghies
  Trips with racing yachts, catamarans and trimarans
  Lectures, musical entertainment and excursions
  Flight, bus and train arrival and departure, hotel accommodation
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Exciting water toys