Bremen - Gaff Schooner Eldorado

Bremen´s various sights are worth visiting

The borough of Bremen, together with the borough of Bremerhaven 60 kilometers further north, built the two-city-state called Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. For centuries, Bremen has been closely linked with and influenced by the shipping. Numerous boat trips are offered from Bremen. The great memorials of Bremen show the colourful and legendary past of the Hanseatic City. One of the most famous ones are the Bremen Town Musicians at the west wall of the historical town hall. In Bremen´s historical market place stands the Roland statue. Bremen´s town hall and the Roland belong to the World Heritage of mankind. The Schlachte, the promenade which was restored in the 1990s, is also worth visiting.

Sailing cruises from Bremerhaven, Bremen´s port of departure

The Gaff Schooner Eldorado offers day and evening sails starting in Bremerhaven. From the lock Neuer Hafen we head seawards on the River Weser. On her way, the Gaff Schooner Eldorado passes the biggest container vessels in the world. During a day or an evening sail on board the Gaff Schooner Eldorado you can participate in maritime activities or just enjoy the cruise. At low tide, it is interesting to watch the seals on the sandbanks. Under full sails the Gaff Schooner Eldorado returns to Bremerhaven up to Blexen roadstead, where you can witness the exciting docking maneuver. Take some time after the sailing trip to visit the various sights along the Neue Hafen.