Bremerhaven - Gafftopsail Schooner Eldorado

Bremerhaven the city at the sea

Known under the name „City at the Sea“, Bremerhaven has developed into one of the biggest port cities in Europe. Located at the estuary of the River Weser, the seaside city is the epitome of the word “maritime”. The two nationwide popular events “Festival Week Bremerhaven” and “Sail Bremerhaven” complete this image. While getting the enjoyment of the Sail Bremerhaven, which by the way is the biggest Windjammer meeting worldwide, only every 5 years, the Festival Week Bremerhaven opens its gates annually in July. Numerous sailing, motor and steam ships will turn up at this event.

Interesting sailing cruises on the River Weser off Bremerhaven

In Bremerhaven we also offer sailing cruises on board the Gafftopsail Schooner Eldorado. Because the day and evening sails take place in a sheltered area on the River Weser, the cruises are also suitable for guests who have little sailing experience. After leaving the Neue Hafen and passing the lock, the Gafftopsail Schooner Eldorado is reaching the River Weser. Under full sail you can watch the events on the water. Very interesting are the biggest container vessel in the world, passing the Gafftopsail Schooner Eldorado moored in the Columbuskaje or at full speed. In any case, they are worth a glimpse. At low tide we can even discover the seals on the sandbanks. We return to Bremerhaven up to Blexen roadstead, where the Gafftopsail Schooner Eldorado starts the docking maneuver into the lock Neuer Hafen. Back on shore you should take some time to discover Bremerhaven. You should not miss the new Harbour Worlds with the shopping centre Mediterraneo, the Climate House, the Emigration House and the Seaside Zoo.