Lübeck - Tall Ship Eldorado

Lübeck is the gateway to the Baltic Sea

The Hanseatic City of Lübeck, located at the lower River Trave in the North German Plain, is considered the gateway to the Baltic Sea, because from here the waterways run to Sweden, Denmark, Finland, the Baltic Countries and Russia. Also worth mentioning is the old town, surrounded by water, and its listed buildings, which belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In connection with Lübeck, the River Trave as sailing territory has to be mentioned as well.

From Lübeck on the River Trave to Travemünde bay

The beautiful landscapes on the port and starboard side are fascinating. And exactly here we offer day and evening sails with a wonderful territory cruise and, after passing the estuary of the River Trave, a cruise on the open sea on board our Tall Ship Eldorado. The sea off Travemünde is a sailing area sheltered by the coastline. The mostly westerly winds enable the Tall Ship Eldorado to set all sails even on the River Trave.