Rostock - Tall Ship Eldorado

Rostock is the ideal show ground for the Hanse Sail

The North German Hanseatic City of Rostock is, due to its location at the sea and its port, economically one of the most important cities in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. And of course, Rostock offers the ideal show ground for the annual event “Hanse Sail Rostock”. Every year, numerous Windjammers, tall ships and historical ships call at the City Port of Rostock, a real highlight.

Magnificent sailing from Rostock on the River Warnow to the open sea

Our Tall Ship Eldorado will be present too, like at many other times. On the River Warnow, the Tall Ship Eldorado reaches with mostly western winds and under sail Warnemünde and the open sea after 45 minutes. From this point you can and must expect wind from all directions. The best conditions to set sails.