St Maarten Mega Yacht spotting

St Maarten Mega Yacht spotting

Welcome on board of schooner Eldorado

Eldorado and its crew await their guests in Great Bay. As soon as the guests come on board the crew hands them out a refreshing welcome drink. The captain speaks a few words about upcoming hours and the first mate holds a safety instruction. After the mandatory part the sailors set sails and Eldorado leaves Great Bay, direction St Maarten Mega Yacht spotting.

Experience St Maarten Mega Yacht spotting

St Maarten Mega Yacht Spotting is a must-have-seen of the island. You have the chance to experience St Maarten Mega Yacht spotting and St Maarten plane spotting from offshore. Beside the sightseeing part you help sailing by helping set the sails and taking the helm. You jump in turquoise Caribbean waters and listen to worth knowing facts about sailing and about the island. You relax and observe what planes are flying in over Maho Beach and enjoy the St Maarten Yacht spotting in Simpson Bay that is the main bay for observing. The tour with schooner Eldorado provides to be an entertaining experience for everybody on board.