St Maarten sunset sail

St Maarten sunset sail

Welcome on board to a St Maarten sunset sail

A sunset sail along the coast of St Maarten is an unforgettable experience. The sail is considered for people every age that like to watch the beautiful sunset of St Maarten. The sail begins with a fresh welcome drink. The captain and his crew speak a few words about the sail plan before Eldorado leaves Great Bay. After the speech the sailors set sails and the sunset sail begins.

Experience of St Maarten sunset sail

Once you have enjoyed the fresh welcome drink you can help the crew with maritime activities. You help setting sails, taking the helm or check out the bridge. Or you just enjoy another drink and feel the wind in your hair while you listen to the sound of the rigging. Once the sunset took place night falls in fast. You sail along the coast of St Maarten, watching planes fly over the famous Maho Beach and spot some Mega Yachts in Simpson Bay. After the sunset sail you have to say goodbye to Eldorado and the crew. But hopefully you spend some more time in St Maarten and keep the breath taking sunset sail in mind.