St Martin sailing trip

St Martin sailing trip

Enjoy a St Martin sailing trip with schooner Eldorado

Guests are welcomed with a refreshing drink handed out by the crew. The captain tells a few words about the plan of this St Martin sailing trip. The first mate holds the safety instruction. Once the mandatory part is over the sailors set the sails of Sailingship Eldorado. The St Martin sailing trip begins.

Experience a St Martin sailing trip

The St Martin sailing trip on board of schooner Eldorado guarantees to be an experience for the young and the old. If you like some action help the crew set sails and take the helm of schooner Eldorado. If you like it the quiet way you just watch the action on deck while sipping on a beverage of your choice that is served on the ship’s bar. One of the highlights for everybody is a swim in the turquoise water of St Martin. On the way back you pass two more St Martin highlights. You have the chance to spot aircrafts flying over the famous Maho Beach and observe Super Yachts anchoring in Simpson Bay really closely. You are going to keep the experience of this St Martin sailing trip in mind.