Sylt - Sailing Ship Eldorado

Sylt, the island of contrasts

Sylt, Germany´s fourth biggest island and the biggest island in the German North Sea, is connected with the main land by the 11 kilometers long Hindenburg causeway since 1927. The island´s capital is its nature. More than half of the island is a protected area. White dunes, fine sandy beaches, quiet mud flad and sleepy villages, but also hurly-burly and nightlife in the vibrant island metropolis of Westerland, that is Sylt.

High sea sailing cruises with the Eldorado from Sylt

At the harbour festival in Hörnum on Sylt, we offer day and evening sails on board our Sailing Ship Eldorado. These cruises are real high sea sailing cruises. With western winds, the sea can sometimes be a little bit rough and the views of Sylt´s west beach are peerless. Treat yourself to a walk around the Hörnum Odde or visit the lighthouse, Hörnum´s landmark, after an eventful sailing cruise on board the Sailing Ship Eldorado.