Tickets from Scheveningen

Tickets from Scheveningen

Welcome on board, tickets from Scheveningen

You can obtain tickets for sailing cruises with our schooner Eldorado from Scheveningen, which we can send via e-mail or if desired via post. The tickets will be checked at the port of departure and you can keep them as a souvenir. Included in the ticket price is a welcome drink, which will be presented by the crew when embarking the schooner Eldorado.

Experience and enjoy, tickets from Scheveningen

A sailing cruise with our schooner Eldorado from Scheveningen offers an unforgettable maritime experience, which you can enjoy, no matter what age, and also accompanied by your family. The captain greets you personally and the first mate gives a short safety briefing. Once this is done, the sailors cast the ropes off and set the sails. The schooner Eldorado is leaving the port and a wonderful day on the water can begin. Passengers can choose whether they want to be part of the crew and assist in maritime activities, such as setting and taking in sails, taking the helm or looking out, or just enjoy the hours on board the schooner Eldorado with a refreshing drink. For those who are really interested in shipping, the boatswain offers a course on seaman´s knots. You can also ask the first mate to explain the different sails and the rigging or visit the captain on the bridge, there have the chance to hold the helm and navigate the ship for a short while. Passengers are also allowed to visit the navigation room, where navigation and communication instruments are explained. During the sailing cruise from Scheveningen with the schooner Eldorado we offer freshly cooked meals in the ship´s restaurant and beverages at the ship´s bar. Our shop on board offers a variety of souvenirs and clothes with the logo of the schooner Eldorado. Should you be a sailing enthusiast you can purchase signed nautical miles confirmations and old nautical charts.
At the end of the cruise from Scheveningen you unfortunately have to say good bye to the schooner Eldorado and the crew. Take some time to walk around Scheveningen and keep the experience in mind.