Tortola schooner sailing

Tortola schooner sailing

Welcome on board to enjoy a Tortola schooner sailing

Guests of schooner Eldorado are welcomed in Tortola, the main island of the British Virgin Islands. While having a refreshing welcome drink the captain and his crew tell a few words about upcoming sailing and hold a safety briefing. After the mandatory part the Tortola schooner sailing begins.

Experience a Tortola schooner sailing

Team up with other passengers on board of schooner Eldorado and help the crew set sails. Feel the wind in your hair as you take the helm and steer schooner Eldorado along some of the 60 little islands that the British Virgin Islands consist of. Check out the navigation area of the ship and gain some maritime knowledge by listening to the sailor’s speech about sailing. Or you just relax watching the beautiful environment while having another cold beverage that is served at the ship’s bar. You have the chance to swim in turquoise Caribbean waters as schooner Eldorado anchors in a quiet bay for a little while. Eldorado and its professional crew make sure that this Tortola schooner sailing is a highlight of your vacation on the British Virgin Islands.