Travemünde - Twomast Schooner Eldorado

Travemünde is the destination for many ships

The Baltic seaside resort Travemünde is a suburb of Lübeck. Because of its location directly at the estuary of the River Trave in the bay of Lübeck, it is often called “ Lübeck´s most beautiful daughter”. On one side there are fine sandy endless beaches along the promenade and on the other side the Priwall, where the legendary four-masted bark Passat lies. In Travemünde there is holiday feeling for everyone. Apart from that, the seaside resort offers a special tidbit for sailing enthusiastic, the annual Travemünde Week. You mustn´t miss out on the international regattas and the numerous tall ships. But also at other times big cruise liners, ferries and cargo ships call at the port of Travemünde.

With the Eldorado from Travemünde to the open sea

Our Twomast Schooner Eldorado offers day and evening sails in Travemünde. Immediately after leaving the Ostpreußen quay in Travemünde we reach the open sea and can sail into Travemünde bay under full sail. Due to the coastline, the Twomast Schooner Eldorado is well protected. Even on our way back, the mostly western winds enable us to sail the River Trave, with the piers to port and starboard, under full sail. Sails are not taken in until reaching the berth.