Wismar - Twomast Schooner Eldorado

Wismar´s old town is worth seeing

Wismar, located at the Baltic Sea coast of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, offers various places of interest. The old town, which was added to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 2002, is inviting you to stay. But sailing enthusiastics don´t come off badly either. Every year the Hanseatic City of Wismar invites to the Port Festival.

The marvelous coastline of Wismar West

The Twomast Schooner Eldorado will be present too, offering day and evening sails. We cast off at the Alte Holzhafen, directly in the city centre, and moor when we come back. Heading northwards we sail up to Wismar bay. Looking to the starboard side, you can see the island of Poel with the entrance to Kirchdorf. Turning to port you can enjoy the view of the coastline of Wismar West.
To pass the time before or after the sailing cruise with the Twomast Schooner Eldorado, you have the possibility to visit the historical old town of Wismar or the 10.000 square meter large market place, which is one of the largest market places in North Germany.